With all the changes recently, there is one constant…time.  This is a no brainer, of course, as time keeps moving.  It’s one of life’s few constants.

There are moments when time feels still.  Special moments.  Or moments when you realize how much time has past you by.

Around this time last year, we made the decision to move to Los Angelos. Now we are approx 100 days away from our wedding.  Whirlwind.

Deciding to move.  Getting Engaged / Moving.  New Everything.  Planning a Wedding 1744 miles away.

Teathering myself to memories and moments of our Chicago life while trying to establish a routine in LA.  I have to find balance.  With balance, time will feel steady instead of lightyears or frozen.


Inside Out

All of the feels, as we approach the 10th day in January. Why is this week so long? Why is my to-do list keep growing? Am I sticking with my New Years resolutions? Truly, all of the feels.

Looking into the future of the year can be overwhelming, to say the least. It’s also exciting – full of potential and possibilities. When I think of my 2018, I can’t help to think of my approaching wedding…some 130 days away.

So exciting but so overwhelming. My lists are growing of things to do, even with so much accomplished. Planning from simply 1744 miles away, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. It’s even easier to get overwhelmed.

With any big event or thing, I try to remind myself of the overall importance. Weddings are a little more tricky, but needless to say, it’s a good rule of thumb

My goal / resolutions for 2018 is balance. All things balance in mind, spirit , and body. What’s your resolution? what keeps you focused!


New Year, Same Me

Why does everything have to be new?  In the midst of a new year, I want to be real, as always, and be thankful for all the things that have made lead up until now.  2017 was a year in the books.  With the move, new job, new home, new car, new adjustments, and new ring on my finger – a lot of news.  With all these news, I am strong and more thankful to be where I am.

To me life isn’t always about waiting for tomorrow, or the new year, it’s about also being present.  If you don’t like something, there is more than one way to change it and to work through it.  I’ve learned this in so many ways.

As I’m over half way through my 30th year now, I can say with confidence, things continue to be hard, challenging, yet rewarding, and positive.  I strive for balance and less perfection.  I want to feel and be my best, but sometimes good enough takes the cake.

My challenge for myself and other’s is to hold on to what is good and make it better and let go of what is making “it” worse.  Of course, I have high hopes and resolutions for 2018, but I am also setting myself up for success.  Are you?




I want to give up

Laying here thinking of all the recent memories and decline RSVPS. The distance is taking a toll and my lack of stability is wearing. 

There has been a lot of positive to LA, of course. I remind myself of the pros when facing the cons. However, it’s hard to focus on any pros when I miss the common stability and independence of my previous life. 

My strength and determination is continued to motivate me in difficult times now and in the past. The hardest part continues to be the unknown. Chicago seemed so much familiar. 

I just want to be more in the know.  

I want to know my schedule and my financé’s schedule. I want to be at peace with our budget. I want to be confident in the grocery story shopping, and try to avoid the crazy gas lines at Costco. I want to do more exploring and be more social. I want a life in LA but know I won’t be able to enjoy it until our foundation is strengthened. 

The 1744 miles isn’t just distance it’s symbolic of my former foundation. 

Midweek Motivation 

It’s another difficult week for various reasons. Between Joe and I, we have a lot of goals to accomplish between now and the end of the year.  I’m talking about the stress of money, travel plans, wedding planning, job stress, general adjusting, and upcoming holiday planning. 

Taking my time this Wednesday to reflect and realize all the accomplishments thus far and also acknowledge the goals forthcoming. 

Moving is never easy. And moving 1744 miles away is definitely more challenging than we would have originally thought. 

I continue to be mindful and motivated. 

Simply 1744

Can’t go home again

It’s been a month since our first visit back home to Chicago. Wedding planning, working, visiting with friends and attending a friends’ wedding. It was a whirlwind to say the least. 

The trip really shook some emotions up. Brought back the feels of familiar. It was nice not to have to use the GPS everywhere. The simply 1744 Miles didn’t seem as far once we were there. 

I thought our trip to Chicago would make me feel more homesick, but instead it firmed up my feelings for Los Angeles. 

Chicago is no longer home. 

The foundation in LA is strong. It hasn’t been easy being far from the familiar and away from the support of friends and family, but we are creating our own adventure here. 

Throwing in the towel

Almost officially 6 months in to Los Angeles. Some days are more settled than others. It’s chilling to think that a half of a year has past by since we moved simply 1744 miles away. 

Proud of all our accompliments – big and small. Finding an apartment, learning the area, new jobs, adapting to the people, the roads, the traffic, the grocery stores, the Costco gas lines…etc. 
The adventure is far from over. 

I’ve always been an over achiever. One to want to get things done. And moving and settling in to LA was no different, except it is very different. 

This entire process has been so eyes wide opening for me. 

6 months is just the beginning of laying down our roots here. It’s an ongoing process and reminding myself to give grace during the process. 

(Not to mention, we are planning a wedding in Chicago. So many trips and memories, sometimes makes it hard to adjust). 

Not throwing in the towel. Really, just starting to lay down the roots and continuing to adjust. 

Life gets in the way 

It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, life gets in the way. With picking things up at my new position, learning my way around the city, and working on the day-to-day routines, blogging has become less of a priority. I also am wrapping up Whole 30- which is an effective, yet challenging diet. Needless to say, my focus has not been 100.

As we reach our 5 month mark, simply 1744 miles away, there has been a lot of reflection. Los Angeles is truly much bigger than Chicago. Traffic is no joke. And peronialities, manner, and driving habits all vary. 

My big thought today was thankful. Although there has been a lot of adjustments and challenges. It hasn’t been easy being far from the familiar and people we know. However, I am proud of us and proud that we are adventurous to do what we want and work towards our dreams. 

Simply 1744


We landed in our NOHO apartment a little over 3 months ago and time is flying. Overwhelmed with everything being new, the need for a GPS everywhere, and of course working on schedules. 

One constant is time keeps moving forward. 

Physically, emotionally, and financially spent.  The roller coaster of new definitely takes a toll. Of course, we knew it was going to be difficult moving away and living 1744 miles away from home. 

Time still moves forward. The challenges continue to keep us on our toes. Between planning for the wedding next May and balancing the shifts with the move, overwhelming is an understatement. 

It’s not about being pessimistic or upset with what we are going through. It’s about realness. At our foundation it’s constant communication, pairing with motivation, determination, and of course, hope. 

Adventure is a word we use often. Taking each day at face value and not worrying too much about the future. It’s a balancing act. 

It’s truly hard to put into words how everything has been. I tend to close myself off and not want to talk to the familiar. My friends, old coworkers, avoiding the familiar. 

The transition takes time. 
Simply 1744

Making Changes

I’m a creature of habit.  A type AB personality that drifts back to a type A personality. Schedule, routine, and lists are just a natural part of my lifestyle.  Having this consistently provides me with direction and purpose. Oh, and I’m a control freak. 

Understanding myself –  strengths and weaknesses – allows me to better adjust to how I at feeling. My world was flipped outside down with this recent move. With all the good changes happening, I couldn’t help but feel lost. 

I started to pull away from my new life.  I caught myself being resentful of everything associated with the move. I didn’t want to have control. I had already felt lost. 

Changes had to be made. 

It started with weekly schedules and making more time for myself outside of the apartment.  I knew this journey wasn’t going to be easy. In fact, I knew I would have to work on some other changes- including working on my need for control. 

Simply 1744